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Measurement of resistance of isolation by a megaohmmeter should be carried out only on completely disconnected electroinstallation. Before measurement it is necessary to be convinced of lack of tension on the tested equipment.

The workplace is the part of space adapted for performance by the worker or group them the production target. The workplace is, as a rule, equipped with the capital and service equipment (machines, mechanisms, power installations and t., technological (tool, adaptations, instrumentations) equipment. At socialist manufacturing enterprises impose requirements which performance provides increase of labor productivity to all workplaces and promotes preservation of health and development of the identity of the worker.

Before start-up of the equipment which is temporarily disconnected according to the demand not of the electrotechnical personnel it is necessary to examine it, to be convinced of readiness for reception of tension and to warn working at it about the forthcoming inclusion.

Change of fusible inserts of safety locks in the presence of a knife switch should be made at the removed stress. At impossibility of removal of tension (on group guards, assemblies) change of fusible inserts of safety locks is allowed to be made energized, but at the disconnected loading.

to disconnect by means of switching devices or by removal of safety locks current carrying parts on which work, or i.e. which touch when performing work is performed, or to protect them in operating time with the isolating slips (temporary protections);

Electricians on service of electric equipment should carry out often various metalwork and assembly operations. Therefore they have to know accurately safety regulations when carrying out such works and be able to organize their safe performance.

j) at works on the current carrying parts which are energized to use only dry and the pure isolating means, and also to hold the isolating means for handles captures not further a restrictive ring.

At adjustment of the switches and disconnectors connected to wires, electricians should take the measures warning possibility of unforeseen turning on of drives by strangers or their spontaneous inclusion.

During the work in electroinstallations it is necessary to apply serviceable electroprotective equipment: as the main (the isolating bars isolating and electric pincers, indexes of tension, dielectric gloves), and additional (the dielectric galoshes, rugs, the portable grounding devices isolating supports, protective supports, protective devices, posters and signs of safety).