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On a leaf of records about a mortgage data on the put real estate object, mortgage term, the sum of the obligation provided with pledge or data on an order and conditions of determination of this sum, the depositor and the pawnbroker are brought.

In subsection III records about restrictions (encumbrances) of the real rights are made. This subsection is broken into special parts, each of which is filled in process of registration of the corresponding restrictions (encumbrances) of the rights:

"appointment" (residential, uninhabited building, production, warehouse, trade room, etc.; for the land plots – category of lands; for sites of forest fund – group of the woods and category of a zashchitnost of the woods of the first group);

If in the text of the resolution (decision) of local administration there are records about appendices, lists, etc., these lists, appendices have to be provided together with the copy of the resolution (decision) and are its integral part

The subsection I contains the short description of object of real estate on the basis of the documents certified by the organizations which are carrying out the cadastral and technical accounting of real estate objects in the territory of the registration district.

If the object stops the existence (for example, in connection with merge of object, the related section EGRP is closed, and requisites of documents on the basis of which there is a closing of the section are entered in the column "Record about Elimination (Transformation) of Object".

This information is provided in the form of an extract from EGRP. The short description of a real estate object are data on cadastral and (or) conditional number of object, location (the address, a type (name) of object, its area.