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Forcemeat of crude sausages consists of the extremely non-uniform on a, the sizes and a form of particles. The Preryvny firm phase of a the hydrated proteinaceous micelles, fatty particles encapsulated by a strukturoobrazny fibrous casing, the remains of the destroyed muscle fibers and cages, scraps of connecting fabric, blood and lymphatic vessels and nervous fibers. The continuous phase represents water solution of proteinaceous and organic and inorganic substances.

Structural changes of sausages at a deposit. Formation of structure — the necessary prerequisite of receiving a product with appropriate commodity indicators. It also to some extent influences its nutrition value. The essence of process of a of structure of a product can be presented as a of cellular structure of animal fabrics in visco-plastic (capable to a current) structure, characteristic for forcemeat.

Crude (dried, kopchena of sausage make without the processing sufficient for pasteurization of a product, in the forefront it is necessary to consider modern ideas of essence of formation of structure crude a product in the course of their rainfall, about character and a role.

Process of destruction begins the crushing mechanisms with mechanical destruction of cellular structure and in a varying degree as a result of partial disintegration of proteins during the period rainfall of sausages. The monolithic structure peculiar to a ready-made product starts from the moment of filling by cover forcemeat.

The important role of some types of microflora as factor is confirmed by both a direct, and indirect way. At development of crude sausages eventually the structure of microflora as inside, and on a product changes. It is connected with that the structure and microflorae are influenced by gradual dehydration of the environment and concentration of salt.

From here need of aging of sausages during time, sufficient for a complete recovery of structure, i.e. rainfall follows, under a condition that in a product there was no difference of humidity between peripheral and parts. This condition is answered by possibility of lower temperature and high relative humidity of air in time rainfall. If forcemeat was made with crushing of meat on a kutter and was vacuumized, duration rainfall of a to be less, than usually (according to, about 2 days). Thus it is not necessary to lose sight also additional appointment of rainfall: creation of the conditions necessary in for the desirable direction of development of microflora in forcemeat.