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1st way. At eggplants of the average sizes which are well washed up and with the cut-off chashelistika to make 3-4 horizontal sections, but not up to the end. To remove bitterness as it is specified in the previous recipe. To lower eggplants for 3 min. in the added some salt boiled water. When cool down, to fill eggplants with forcemeat, putting it in cuts. For the best preservation of a form of the stuffed eggplant it is better to do cuts from two parties serially.

Fresh, dense, with not ripened seeds vegetable marrows up to 15 cm long and with a diameter up to 3,5 cm carefully are washed, allowed to flow down to water, cut off a fruit stem and cut on circles 1,5-2 cm thick. Fennel is washed and cut on slices up to 5 cm long. Pepper the siliculose sweet is cut on quarters lengthways. Segments of garlic clear and cut on plates.

Collect fruits in dry weather. Tomatoes sort by size and stack in one-two rows in small boxes, cardboard boxes, on shelves of wall cases taking into account maturing since large fruits ripen quicker. Tomatoes of the last collecting are stored much worse, than collected earlier.

Each stuffed eggplant to tie with stalks of a celery or parsley (if there are no necessary long stalks, it is possible to use white threads which need to be cleaned before giving on a table) that the stuffing did not fall out outside.

To scald the prepared tomatoes of average size 2-3 min. in the boiling water, to cool in cold and at once to husk. To cut the cleared fruits thin plates. Onions to clear, scald 2-3 min. in the boiling water (it is possible together with tomatoes) and to cool in cold, to cut rings.

For marinade: on 1 l of water — 50 g of sugar, 60 g of salt, 30 g of 9% vinegar, a leaf (or part it) a horse-radish, stalks of fennel, 4-5 garlic gloves. For sharper marinade to take 60 g of 7% vinegar, 6 peas of black pepper, 3 pieces of a carnation.

When cucumbers sun-burned or large (a case undesirable to conservation), vinegar for long storage is added as it is stated above, to a brine sugar (to 1% is added to the raw materials weight that makes about 1-2 tablespoons of sugar without top.

On 1 kg of tomatoes — 3-4 carrots of the average size, 2-3 onions, 2-3 sweet pepper, 2-3 small bay leaves, 1 — 2 tablespoons of hot tomato sauce or tomato paste, 100-150 g of vegetable oil, black ground pepper, salt, sugar to taste.

Salt brown and ripe tomatoes, but surely separately. They are touched, delete the fruit stems damaged and crumpled fruits, washed and stacked ranks in the prepared container, shifting spices. Then fill in with a brine.

To steam out the tomatoes cut by segments together with the crushed onions in a pan under a cover. To wipe through a sieve. To uvarit the received juice half. To put spices in a gauze sack and to lower in the boiling weight.

If in the fall to select green healthy tomatoes, to wrap up each fruit paper and to lay in a basket as it is stated above (it is possible and in a box), at a temperature of 11-13 °C in a dark place tomatoes remain till January.

If it happens so that at observance of all rules the brine will deteriorate, will become muddy and viscous, then the brine should be merged, carefully to wash out cucumbers cold water, to allow it to flow down. After processing densely to lay cucumbers in the ware which is well washed out and scalded by boiled water, to fill in with fresh, stronger brine with spices (bay leaf, black pepper), to cover with pure fabric and to impose a pure wooden circle with freight.