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Reproduction and transfer of the numbered blank forms of invoices to other organizations, and also the branches, offices and other separate divisions of the organizations which are independently realizing goods (works, services), or to natural persons is forbidden.

The goods are transferred previously to a control platform for check by the recipient and warehouse manager of compliance to the drawn-up account then goods are sold to the recipient and he undersigns for receiving in all copies of the account, commodity-transport consignment note. After holiday of goods the first copy of the account, commodity-transport consignment note is handed to the recipient, the second gives up in accounts department with the commodity report, the third remains at the responsible person.

The manufacturer (seller) is obliged to provide compliance to the realized production to requirements of normative documents, on compliance which it was certified, to the tested sample, these tests.

After a goods delivery to all buyers the forwarding agent makes the report to which attaches all commodity-transport consignment notes in duplicate. The report is given on receipt to the warehouse manager who includes all consignment notes in the commodity report.

Export of the substandard, stale and deformed bakery products is made by the transport which delivered to the recipient the next lot of products taking into account possibility of loading of the car. In this case the recipient writes out the commodity-transport consignment note and fills all requisites.

After acceptance of freight for transportation the railroad or pier hands to the representative of the wholesale enterprise — the forwarding agent the receipt of the railway or marine way bill. The wholesale enterprise together with the account sends this receipt to the buyer. Container sendings are made with their loading in a warehouse of the wholesale enterprise and performance of the listed above compulsory procedures.

The invoice is formed the supplier in process of shipment of goods (performance of work, rendering to an usl in duplicate, one of which is represented to the buyer no later than 10 days from the date of shipment of goods (performance of work, rendering to an usl.

in line 7 — additional terms of delivery which can concern transportation of freight, make a reservation account terms (in a non-cash order, calculations by cash through cash desk, delivery of goods on barter (barter), calculations by bills, treasury obligations, etc.).

Sending goods to station of the railroad or water pier is made out by the commodity-transport consignment note which is written out in triplicate, one of which is handed to the forwarding agent accompanying freight, and two copies with its signature remain with the warehouse manager.

In settlement documents (instructions, requirements instructions, requirements) for payment of the shipped goods (the performed works rendered to an usl on a line where the purpose of payment is specified, a description of goods, the performed works, the rendered services, number and the sum of commodity documents the reference to numbers of the corresponding invoices is obligatory.

Check of net weight of the processed production in which the brine and spices are not goods, is made by weighing of goods without brine and spices for what select 5% of places, but not less than three barrels from different places of the car. The result of a pereveska extends on all party.

in column 3 — date of payment of purchases: day of write-off of means for goods (works, services) from settlement, currency or other account, day of repayment of a debt the bill, day of repayment of treasury obligations, and at calculations by cash — day of delivery of money from cash desk; at barter (barter — day of shipment of goods, production, other property; by gratuitous transfer of goods (works, to an usl — day of their receiving (receipt);

The first provides a goods delivery to buyers the representative of the wholesale enterprise on own or hired transport. In this case commodity-transport consignment notes on each buyer in four copies according to which the wholesale warehouse makes a sampling and loading on the car are written out in advance. On the fourth copy which remains in a warehouse, the representative of the wholesale enterprise — the forwarding agent undersigns for receiving goods. On delivery goods each buyer after check undersigns for the commodity-transport consignment note and fastens the signature with a stamp.