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On the territory of the country proceed sets of the rivers from which the largest are Tahoe, Duero, Ebro, Guadalquivir, Guadiana. The total area of the country – 504,788 Among the West European countries of Spain concedes on the area only to France.

Tourism also stimulates development of other branches of economy in Spain. For example, the increasing value in Spain gets advertizing, the cartography and mass media develops. Besides, tourism has impact on a level of development of infrastructure of the country. It is created more and more the enterprises to the sphere of tourism, and respectively and tens of thousands of workplaces, significant financial streams.

The tour operator not simply realizes in the market of service of direct producers (hotels, airlines, etc.). Specifics of its services consist in selection and a combination of the main and additional tourist services (excursions, sport, etc.), their preliminary planning and standardization, i.e. formation of a software package of services in uniform price, in total the forming a trip.

Canada which tourists also visit Spain, have young history and culture. Canadians are also interested in history of the country which they visit. So more that about a half of the population of Canada is a French-speaking group, and historical roots of Canada were formed under the influence of the French, Spanish and German cultures, as attracts Canadians in Europe and, in honesty, in Spain.

The main factor defining preferences of tourists from Germany is the climatic factor, after all Germany is a component of northern Europe, where climate insufficiently warm. At the same time resort and beach tourism in Germany actually is absent. Also it should be noted that long since there were cultural historical links between Germany and Spain.

Tourists are compelled to choose from Portugal the vacation spot and travel, mainly proceeding from low cost, and, naturally, nearby Spain – is most preferable. Besides the Spanish tourism is more aimed at tourists of the average level, whose income assumes rest in hotels of a class of 3-4 stars. It is also necessary to note that tourists from Portugal prefer Spain, proceeding from proximity not only a geographical position, but also unity of historical and cultural roots.

The island of Ibiza - the most fashionable European resort differing in the certain specific atmosphere, people, the nature and, of course, unique megaclubs which by right are considered as one of the best not only in Europe, but also in the world. Ibiza is a part of the Balearsky archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. The history of pioneer settlements (Carthaginians) on it belongs to the 7th century B.C.