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in couple shpalerny a provolok which are the main bearing beam. After that three brackets according to the scheme down - up - down cuts put on on this beam at cordon length distance. Then the first bracket moves on the main bearing beam against the stop to a cordon which is tightened up and keeps within on it, passing between provoloka of the bearing beam down, the second bracket moves to the middle of a cordon which keeps within on it from below, comes back between a provolok of the main beam up and is propped up from below by the third bracket. The distance between brackets should not go beyond 0,2. 0,40 m that will provide a subtime in joint points within the admissible specific pressure of a bracket upon a cordon and alignment with tightening of shtamb.

rational joint of a plant with a lane (the metrology, devices, long-term means of fastening of cordons, technology of alignment of shtamb, the line for production are created and put on production;

Specific pressure of edges of forward and back openings of a lozoukladyvayushchy surface at the developed openings at an angle is less, than at. This conclusion is received on the basis of the solution of the equality determining the specific pressure upon a bunch of rods by edges of openings

Traction resistance of an ukryvochny plow with increase in width of arrangement of disks grows. However with increase in depth of digging intensity of growth of traction resistance falls and already at a depth of digging of 0,16 m its gain on each 0,10 m of a gain of width of arrangement of disks is equal 4,5% while at a depth of 0,11 m it makes 16,7%.

The bevel angle of an edge of the ukryvochny case has to be not less as reduction of this corner leads to excess deformation of a borozdny wall of dredging. This conclusion is drawn on the basis of research of functional dependence between an edge bevel angle, a tilt angle of a slope of dredging and a tilt angle of the plane of a skalyvaniye of the soil ahead of a wedge which can be expressed by the following equality

In two-arc lozoukladyvayushchy working body entrance and output openings have to be developed parallel to moving layer of the soil. The turn at does not worsen the collecting ability of a lozoukladyvayushchy surface. This conclusion is drawn on the basis of the solution of equality

joint of a plant and lane with conditioning agents (on the basis of developed theories and methodologies are created and introduced a two-arc lozoukladchik, ukryvochny working body, technologies of an ukryvka, two-layer processing of a row-spacing and a mulchirovaniye of a track by special working bodies);

if to build each stage of autonomous knots (modules), identical on structure, which family totals at most seven patrimonial groups: zero, soil-cultivating, udobrenchesky, meliorative, gabitusny, protective, harvest.

Possibly to define the economic importance of development of the mechanized technology of long-term cultures under a condition if to consider each stage of this system as the subsystem finished by the product (put by the planting, well-mannered planting or planting duplicating a crop) and displayed in the form of matrix model through costs in a section of modules.

The DT-1 device (a dynamometer the torsion) is intended for definition of a torque in a shank on a scale of counting of a corner of twisting of an ottarirovanny spring. In the device the spring with a diameter of D = 80 mm with 6,75 rounds of a steel wire = 4 mm is applied. Tension in wire section by transfer of the greatest torque equally

the shaping of crowns and bushes is increased modulno by temporal layers. With increase in a skeleton of quantity of components of the first order of branching conducts to loss of rate of a set of krone. The best is two-component branching of the first order and twelve-component the third order (that is, plodoobrazuyushchy wood). Optimum parameter of possible deformation of krone thus is equal in the longitudinal and cross direction of a row 1,2d and 0,74d, where to d - the natural diameter of a projection of krone. Building of other orders rate of increase in volume of krone comes nearer to the scale which is offered to consider as the lower criterion of branching as at a plant turns into a lash, and plantings in blochno - propashny;