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The reception of the analysis based on use of system of the interconnected indicators represents interest, each of which bears a certain semantic loading and characterizes separate aspects of activity of firm.

(blue backs) actions with the best investment properties call. The companies issuing such stocks show ability to get profit and to pay dividends even during the period of an adverse economic conjuncture, occupy exclusive position in the market, possess financial power and effective management;

The main means and small and bystroiznashivayushchiyesya subjects are reflected in balance at initial cost (sections 1 and 2 of an asset respectively), in that time as their usefulness for the enterprise decides on the accounting of the sums of wear (undressed 1 passive;

For the analysis of liquidity usually use a number of the estimated indicators characterizing various extent of attraction of financial and material resources of the enterprise for a covering of the current obligations.

branch diversification is provided for the account of an investment of means in aktskiya and other valuable papers of the issuers acting in various areas of business. Ensuring effective branch diversification demands involvement of consultants from other spheres of activity - specialists of various branches of the knowledge understanding specifics of development of separate branches and enterprises;

For more detailed analysis of liquidity it is recommended to divide the current assets into two parts: financially-proizvodstvennye stocks (INV) as the least liquid part of an asset; both monetary means and other assets (LA) as the most liquid part of an asset. With the accounting of such division we receive:

Process of real development of branch ( often does not correspond to the classical stages described above. Therefore it is necessary to consider also these possible discrepancies. In particular, to allocate such characteristics of branch as recurrence in ee development, t.e. high sensitivity of branch to cycles of business activity. In practice of investment also speculative branches which owing to absence of authentic information are connected with a certain risk for investors are of special interest.

With the purpose of systematization of data on the studied enterprises it is expedient to accumulate them and to store in base of data of the COMPUTER or a special card file. Structurally this information can be provided in a hierarchical form, and each level of hierarchy would correspond to the set depth of the analysis of the studied enterprise.

Goods for wholesale and retail trade are reflected in a balance asset at the selling price, and their cost is regulated at once by two articles: address costs for the rest of goods (the act and a trade margin on unrealized goods (to a passion.

Supporters of the third approach to efficiency of stock market consider that there is a certain measure of efficiency of RTsB which level is defined by character and a condition of the market. From this point of sight quality of the market is classified on the following types:

changes of volume of production and realization of production, arrived the enterprises. Faster rates of growth of volume of production, realization and profit in comparison with rates of growth of the sum of balance testify to improvement of use of means.

From here follows that increase of Ko over optimum value not always means liquidity improvement. So, if growth of coefficient of liquidity is caused by growth of stocks or debit debt, it can be and the negative phenomenon. In any case additional data on the reasons of change of value of indicators are required.

The accounting report is used for the analysis of a financial state, before everything, owing to its availability: data of the accounting report are not commercial secret. Except that, in the real conditions granting to the interested agents of information on financial opportunities of firm, profitability (unprofitability) of activity, development prospects has to become the main purpose of the reporting. Together with that there is a number of the problems connected with use of the accounting reporting from which, in our opinion, two are essential: