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Use of Japanese administrative experience in others the country is based that the increasing number of Japanese forms and their branches locates abroad, bearing with itself practice of management peculiar to them. Considerably the number and the non Japanese companies which in different degree seek to use Japanese technology grows.

The most significant progress in foreign experience of management of all developed countries is that by motivation of bringing of advantage society but only the purposes by criteria are considered then is formed a basis of any production activity: qualities, receiving arrived, to increase in production.

All latest theory of management is proud of ideas of attraction to management of the leaders capable to inspire collective on vigorous creativity in interests of all society. Leaders it not simply organizers, and mentors professional and tutors of highly moral labor teams.

It is necessary to provide participation of reason of each member of society in management of life support of society and in consumption of the made material benefits! It is easy to make it on the basis of the information technologies which are perfectly developed now.

- - Equitable distribution of the income: any group of citizens should not stay in poverty, at that time when another literally luxuriates – such formulation in our country even officially is considered an appeal to overthrow of the existing system! Economic security: providing disabled, aged and other incapacitated - actually is absent since the size of the minimum compensation, child allowances, disabled citizens or on unemployment does not correspond to their status.

Economic efficiency: ensuring the maximum return at the minimum costs - is considered by officials only for providing personal interests therefore the country is ruined, and the population dies out.

Now position of the person in society is not for it any more a future guarantee but only shows degree of compliance of his thoughts and acts to moral qualities. The power and the wealth acquired in the easy way at the expense of an impoverishment of other citizens testify to the low moral level, backwardness of consciousness and unavailability of the personality to transition to new measurement.

The person is a basis of society, but not money! The maximum spiritual development in the absence of material problems has to become the purpose of the organization of society! New technologies are able to provide it on all planet!

Thus "group" approach to a solution which cornerstone the idea of "dispersal of responsibility" is, is firm. All are responsible for the decision, i.e. group. The rings procedure is called philosophy of foresight, care, mutual responsibility, as means of peacekeeping and harmony in the organization.