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The carrier of the problems designated above is the disabled person, however as object of welfare and social and pedagogical regulation it is necessary to consider not so much the disabled person, how many his social environment which as a result of purposeful actions and actions has to change essentially because the person can find the social status, feel the personal importance only when the attitude towards him from society changes, its social institutes, the immediate social environment.

The Harmony team "Development of art life of the city, the support of traditional national creativity working on a priority", formulated the tasks solved within this priority and came to ideas of the following projects: "A municipal orchestra of national tools", "A festive calendar of Polyarnye Zori"

It is possible to give the Technology program which is entered as into general education, and correctional schools today as an example of the design solution of such tasks. The program includes the bases of the economy, management, business, marketing, business. Within the program teenagers get acquainted with the most widespread and perspective technologies from the point of view of future employment — graphics, technologies of processing of fabric, foodstuff, art processing of materials, information, design and design and construction technologies.

— to reveal the priority directions of development of the sphere of the culture considering as possible interests of all consumer groups (authorities, the population, public organizations, employees of branch, etc.), and limitation of material, technical and personnel resources;

During intergroup discussions participants defended collectively developed ideas and projects, criticized "production" of other teams, carried out expeditious estimation and expertize of projects, etc. Quickly enough they seized the principles of the system analysis that increased efficiency practically of all aspects of their activity.

Welfare design with good reason can be referred to category of the difficult high technologies integrating in themselves methods of a number of sciences and at the same time having own design means.

Game has to be held on departure, for example, in country boarding house, a dispensary, a pioneer camp. The situation strangeness, the maximum nearness of places of work, food, rest, cohabitation of participants — all this intensifies thinking of participants, releases their creative power and increases as a result efficiency of design activity.

We will give justification of a plan of the research project "Culture and Disabled People" which relevance is defined by increase of specific weight of disabled people in social and demographic structure of society as an example of one of possible approaches to the decision of this group of tasks, on the one hand, and absence at the regional level of the concept of rehabilitation of disabled people means of culture and art — with another.

Here teams performed specific tasks according to the analysis of group of the factors defining the priority directions of support and development of the sphere of culture. It was carried out on the basis of performance of the following procedures: