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Serving subject activity and promoting formation of general characteristics of his outlook, ability of the address, typical for the person, with subjects, and also his intelligence and the emotional and strong-willed sphere, communication in even bigger degree appears an indispensable condition and the necessary prerequisite of development of a complex at it as simpler, and more difficult qualities doing it capable to live among people to coexist with them and even to rise before realization in the behavior of the high moral principles.

Educational value of communication is not only that it broadens the general horizons of the person and promotes development of mental educations which are necessary for it for successful performance of the activity having subject character. Educational value of communication is still that it is an indispensable condition of formation of the general intelligence of the person, and first of all his many cogitative and mnemichesky characteristics.

Quantitative and qualitative parameters of a circle of direct communication of the person are influenced definitely by such characteristics as social accessory and circumstances, as, for example, the doctrine in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, features of work or leaving by her woman for the sake of education of children.

At the same time, characterizing communication as a special kind of activity, it is necessary to see that without it there cannot be a full development of the person as personality and the subject of activity, as identity

Interpersonal communication not only necessary component of activity which implementation assumes interaction of people, but at the same time indispensable condition of normal functioning of a community of people.

If to consider process of this development not unilaterally and to estimate it really, it will appear that subject activity of the person in all its modifications and his communication with other people are bound in life very closely.

In interaction of people each person constantly appears as object and the subject of communication. As subject he learns other participants of communication, shows to them interest or maybe indifference or hostility. As the subject solving in relation to them a certain problem he influences them. At the same time it appears object of knowledge for all with whom he communicates. It appears object to which they address the feelings which try to affect, more or less strongly to influence. Thus it is necessary to emphasize specially that this stay of each participant of communication at the same time as object and subject is characteristic for any kind of direct communication of people.

At the same time this mental reflection, the emotional relation and behavior will always bear on itself the stamp of features motivational spheres of the person who communicates with the people surrounding it. The choice by it people with whom he prefers to communicate also is connected with these features.

If moral standards on which communication of people basically for them work is based, do not coincide with the norms which are the cornerstone of their communication in other kinds of activity, development of their personality will have more or less inconsistent character, formation of the integral personality at everyone will be complicated.

Now it is already not necessary to prove that interpersonal communication - absolutely necessary condition of life of people that without it is impossible full formation at the person of any mental function or mental process, any block of mental properties, the personality in general.

Communities to which the person belongs, form standards of communication to which the person gets used to follow. Meaning permanent influence of a kind of activity and features of a community of people in which interpersonal communication is developed, it is necessary to do in the analysis the amendment on constant variability of process of activity and a community of people. All these changes together taken surely affect and interpersonal communication of performers of this activity.

It is necessary to consider consistently all these facts and to try to track, how and why communication along with work acts as the obligatory personally forming factor and how to increase its value in education.

Communication and has so significant impact on strong-willed development of the person. Whether he gets used to be collected, persistent, resolute, courageous, purposeful, or at him opposite qualities will prevail - all this to a great extent is defined by as far as those concrete situations of communication in which the person appears day by day favor to development of the specified qualities.