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In size alaktatsidny \fast \the fraction of an oxygen debt can judge that part anaerobic \fosfagennoy\the capacity which provides very short-term exercises of high-speed and power character.

- Interval method. This method is externally similar to a repeated method. But if, at a repeated method nature of influence of loading is defined by exclusively exercise, at an interval method big training influence possesses also rest intervals

The typical maximum size of "fosfagenny fraction" of an oxygen debt – about 100 \body weight kg, or 1,5-2l. oxygen. As a result of training of high-speed and power character it can increase by 1,5-2 times.

With what we would not have natural inclinations, we can reach a high level of development of a spring ability only at carefully thought over and systematic training. The main condition of education of a spring ability at any qualification of the athlete is implementation at all stages of trainings versatile strictly - specialized preparation (work on such physical qualities as force, speed, endurance).

Testing was held periodically in 6 months (April, October). Three groups took part in research: experimental group – young basketball players of 12 - 13 years (the trainer Tsyganov A. S.), control – young basketball players of 12 - 13 years (the trainer of Waste E. Century) and the pupils of 12 - 13 years who are not playing sports.

In above the provided text that the program for development of high-speed and power qualities in young basketball players of 12-13 years applied in experimental group is effective was proved and it can be used in training process at occupations by basketball. Of course, it is impossible to tell that the program applied in control group is not effective at all, and it in general cannot be used with children on trainings on basketball. If is though any result in development of these qualities, so this program can be used in practice.

On training occupations in control group this program was applied as follows: when on training there was a development of a spring ability, 3-4 exercises and 1-2 exercise for development of other quality were offered to basketball players. On trainings in this group the combination of the tasks aimed at the same time at the development of several physical qualities was more used.

The maximum power is result of an optimum combination of force and speed. Power is shown in many sports exercises: in throwings, jumps, a sprinting. The above power is developed by the athlete, the he can report a high speed to a shell or own body since the final speed of a shell \body \is defined by force and speed of the enclosed influence.

We used the stationary device with a big range of indicators. Height of a jump is defined as follows: at the beginning the pupil gets up sideways to a wall and raises the hand of the same name up – division which he concerned is noted. Then from a starting position – standing on all foot, from a semi-squat with a wave of hands, jumps out up and touches the measuring device – division which it concerned is noted. Pushing away and a landing should not go beyond a square of 5050 cm. The result is considered in centimeters, with an accuracy of one centimeter, on a difference between final \in a jump \and initial \standing with raised by hands \indicators. Total number of attempts – Is set off the best result.

The program of the directed development of high-speed and power qualities of basketball players of 12 - 13 years developed by us during experimental check showed the efficiency and can be recommended for wide use in practical work.

In calves muscular coordination also promotes increase in speed of movement \power \as at a coordinate muscle work of their effort cooperate, overcoming external resistance with greater speed. In particular, at good muscular coordination the sokratitelny effort of one muscle \or groups of muscles \corresponds to peak of the speed created by the previous effort of other muscle \or groups of muscles \better. Speed and extent of relaxation of muscles - antagonists can be the important factor influencing movement speed. If it is required to increase movement speed, it is necessary to carry out in training occupations the specific movements \same, as in competitive exercise \with a speed equal or exceeding that which is used in training exercise.

Power characteristic of high-speed and power exercises. From the power point of view, all high-speed and power exercises belong to the anaerobic. Their limit duration – less than 1-2 min. For the power characteristic of these exercises 2 main indicators are used: anaerobic power and maximum anaerobic capacity \ability \.